Hugo Sánchez: "It's Cristiano's dream goal"

Hugo Sanchez, a Real Madrid player, told ESPN that Cristiano Ronaldo's Chilean touchdown at Juventus gives him "great pleasure, because he really wanted to score a goal from Chile. He had tried, but now he lent himself, with a synergy of positivism, to fall in this match to win 3-0. Without a doubt, it is an unforgettable goal. "

Via telephone, the analyst sent a huge congratulations to CR7 "for one more achievement. I am happy enjoying his goal and the triumph of Real Madrid. I like him and his family. My team (Real Madrid) shows that image in big events and high competitions, "he said.

Sánchez Márquez recalled the Chilean that made the Logroñés, which in a week turns 30 years and believes that now Carvajal, in charge of the assistance, will be thinking that this goal will be remembered forever. "It's good that a streak of not scoring Juventus has been broken. The Chilean is the cherry of the cake ". The Pentapichichi ratified that it is a fantastic coincidence that three decades ago he made a similar goal. "It's anecdotal, it's a beautiful goal. I imagine that it will be marked forever. It's your dream goal. He had scored goals in different ways, but he lacked this and it came to him in a special way. "Check some of our special tips on

He then highlighted the virtues of both to do those stunts: "God is so great that gives us the opportunity to have those qualities that allowed us to score goals of all kinds. I like him and Madrid, also for his family, who should be happy. I feel happy because my favorite auction. I like Cristiano. I toast for him. ".

Hugol made a comparison between the goals: "They are different Chileans. The center of Martín Vázquez was longer, gave me time to go back, boost me and make a high Chilean; In the case of Ronaldo, the center of Dani Carvajal is closer and Cristiano finishes it in a beautiful way, very spectacular, it is a tremendous aesthetic beauty, with a great placement. Good thing it was like that, he deserved it. "

The former leader did not want to send a message to Cristiano about what he should do, but made it clear that "I have nothing to teach him. In some interview I did, on Real Madrid television, just when Ronaldo was going to surpass 38 goals that season, they interviewed us, we talked and exchanged opinions there. He made the comment that he needed to score a goal like Hugo. I ended up suggesting that I had to repeat and practice to gain more confidence. I am enjoying and enjoying the goal, because it gave him the victory against La Juventus and because he should enjoy that score that is beautiful and unforgettable, "he finished.